Our Advantage

Pinnacle Prosthetic Labs is dedicated to providing you with excellent upper extremity prosthetics products and services. Our commitment to you goes beyond manufacturing the perfect prosthetic fit for your patients. Here are some of the main advantages of becoming Pinnacle Prosthetic Labs’ client and using our unmatched services:

  • We provide a unique and customized experience for our clients and patients.
  • We are nimble and scalable to cater to custom needs of patients and practitioners.
  • We are local with a national reach.
  • We offer an expert knowledge base.
  • We rely on quality of work aimed at doing it right the first time.
  • We provide exceptional customer service.
  • We have long term existing relationships built on communication, trust, and exceptional service.
  • We provide competitive pricing.
  • We continually review, evaluate, and modify our operations to ensure effective and efficient processes and procedures.
  • We adhere to deadlines.
  • We are objective oriented – each order is unique and receives our complete focus and attention.
  • We are responsive.
  • We are great communicators, for we believe that effective communication always leads to superior service and final outcomes.