Our Technology

In addition to accepting plaster molds, Pinnacle Prosthetic Labs now has the ability to accept upper and lower scan files. We will have the ability to capture images from residual limbs along with software customized for carving prosthetic and orthotic shapes.

Benefits of our scanning features:

  • Reduced fabrication times (quicker turnaround times)
  • Eliminate the use of plaster on initial shape
  • Files are stored indefinitely (documentation)
  • Electronic files are easily available and provide the ability to modify and track changes in a patient’s shape and volume over time.
  • Customizable
  • Designs are easily repeated
  • Greater accuracy with patient fittings

We are committed to excellence in customer service and pride ourselves on provide quality prosthetics and patient experience. We hope to continue to enhance your central fabrication experience.

For additional information, please contact us today.