Our Partners

Pinnacle Prosthetic Labs is committed to fostering relationships with quality brands and manufacturers that have a proven track record of delivering the best products in the marketplace. Over the years we have cultivated meaningful partnerships to benefit our existing and future clients. By becoming Pinnacle Prosthetic Labs’ client, you will have access to quality products from brands such as:

  • Bulldog Tools
  • Cascade
  • Curbell Plastics
  • Evolution
  • Fillauer
  • Friddles
  • Hosmer
  • Infinite Biomedical Technology
  • Liberating Technologies
  • Motion Control
  • Performance Laboratories
  • Ossur
  • Otto Bock
  • SPS
  • Steeper USA
  • Streifeneder USA
  • Texas Assistive Devices
  • Touch Bionics
  • TRS
  • Ferrier Coupler

Pinnacle Prosthetic Labs is actively involved in initiating new relationships with prominent brands so we can provide you with the best array of upper extremity prosthetic products to choose from. If you are interested in a particular brand that you do not see in our list of partners, please contact us today to see how we can help you acquire the product you are interested in from your preferred manufacturer.