What We Offer

Pinnacle Prosthetic Labs specializes in upper extremity Prosthetics. We are committed to delivering the perfect fitting prosthetic products each and every time, so that our practitioners can focus their attention on their patients and not resolving prosthetic fitting issues. Our stellar track record stems from our commitment to customer service, our quick turnaround times, and employing experienced clinicians and master technicians that are dedicated to their craft. Below you’ll find a list of our core capabilities:

Partial Hand Prosthetics

We produce both cosmetic and functional finger, fingertip and carpal devices to restore the natural appearance of the hand. Multi-positional finger joints that provide functional grasp and pre-positioning of the fingers are available. Contact us today to find out more about our Partial Hand Prosthetic products and services.

Electrically Powered Prosthesis

Advances in technologies have led to smaller, better and more natural applications for electrically powered prosthesis. Our electrically powered devices consist of individually-powered prosthetic fingers that can bend, touch, pick up and point. We custom build our prostheses to match your patient’s functional side or to match any remaining fingers. We offer functional design suggestions to assist you in providing the best outcome for your patient based on the level of amputation, the condition of the remaining portion of the hand, the patient’s goals, the desired appearance of the prosthesis, and any activity or work-related requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our Electrically Powered Prosthesis products and services.

Body Powered Prosthesis

Our body-powered systems are competitively priced and provide very high reliability, making them accessible and very dependable. We manufacture lightweight devices combined with kinesthetic feedback to make it less cumbersome and more personal than other systems. Our body powered prostheses are still a viable alternative solution. Our perfect fit commitment and functional designs will make them as easy to operate as possible. Contact us today to find out more about our Body Powered Prosthetic products and services.

Task Specific Prosthesis

Sometimes your patients may have their own ideas for an adaptive modification to their prosthesis that will meet their unique needs. There are many athletes and recreational sports enthusiasts that require custom prosthesis that can allow them to perform task specific activities. Our clinicians are experienced at manufacturing custom built prostheses to help your patients participate in any activity or athletic endeavor they would. Our fabrication expertise and advancements in prosthetic technology bring all activities within the reach of your patients. WE are equipped to help your patients with the task-specific prostheses needed to achieve their goals. Contact us today to find out more about our Task Specific Prosthetic products and services.

Hybrid Prosthesis

We combine elements of the conventional and electrically powered prosthesis to create hybrid prosthesis that can provide your patients with the unique ability to operate their prosthetic and their hand at the same time. This dramatically increases the rehabilitation potential of some individuals. We have unique experience in designing and manufacturing hybrid prosthesis that can be utilized for specialized sports activities and most other recreational endeavors. Contact us today to find out more about our Hybrid Prosthesis products and solutions.

Passive Cosmetic Restoration

We offer passive cosmetic restoration solutions as an alternative option for upper extremity patients. This solution allows patients who do not require accurate hand control or grasp to still benefit from a cosmetically pleasing prosthesis. Contact us today to learn more about our Passive Cosmetic Restoration products and services.